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Storm Windows Manufacturers

Saturday, June 13th, 2009

When you are looking to improve your home’s security, you will want to make sure that you are increasing the window protection that you have. Making your home more valuable with hurricane windows is a great idea. You can improve your home and make it better by using storm windows to keep you and your family safe. Storm Windows are available in various colors and designs to fit the look of your house. Different types of these windows are usually sliding, clip on and double hung sash storm windows. Some unique types however are almost invisible to the naked eye. They are fitted to the inside or outside of an existing window, usually made of vinyl or aluminum. Storm windows also come in variety of sizes to fit any window type. They are useful not only for homes, but for schools, museums, hotels, medical clinics, public buildings and others.

They aim to protect your window from weathering and fading. They also provide better heat and sound insulation and reduce draughts. They also provide the user with better ultra violet protection and sash protection. They are also useful in historical sites for preservation. Moreover, it helps reduce electricity costs. Interior storm windows enhance the energy performance of a home, thus making it more efficient in its electric consumption. For those planning to have a storm window installed but does not know where to start, here are some of manufacturers in the United States. It is the great way to study more information before choosing one. These are not arranged in any fashion.

First is Gorell Enterprise. They are located in Indiana, Pennsylvania. They specialize in manufacturing windows and doors and this includes storm windows. They offer three types for your needs, the Picture, Horizontally Sliding and the Double Hung Sash Storm Window. Available colors for the window frames are white, bronze and almond and are made of commercial grade aluminum. Built in weeps are fitted in the adjustable sill expanders. Gorell Enterprises insure that their product needs only little maintenance and would look as if it was brand new for decades to come.

Next is Allied Window. Allied Window is located at Cincinnati, Ohio started in 1950 as a manufacturer of standard storm windows and doors. Now, they lead the industry in specializing with storm windows for historic sites and museums and for restoration projects. Their product is known to ”disappear” in the opening, whether it is fitted in the inside or outside of the building. They also offer storm windows for the house namely, Magnetic, Sliding and lift out Storm Windows for the interior. They also offer a Removable Storm Window for the exterior and are located either inside or outside of the house.

Last manufacturer is the Larson Manufacturing Company located in Brooking, South Dakota. They are the leading manufacturer of aluminum storm windows and doors. Currently, they employ more than a thousand employees around the United States. They offer five different types of storm windows, these are; Two Track Slider Hung, Two Track Sliding/Picture, Two Track Double Hung, Storm Picture Window and Flush Mount Storm Window. These companies are among the top manufacturers of storm windows in the United States and can provide you with the good quality storm windows for your convenience, more safety and also are valuable things. It is no surprise at all that there are so many people deciding to use these great windows in their home. They are realizing that they are a great value for the money and will help keep the family and the home well protected.