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Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center

Thursday, May 31st, 2012

Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center (MMTC) provides Michigan’s small and medium sized manufacturers with operational assessment, process improvement training, mentoring services, website technical assistance and market diversification tactics. MMTC is the Michigan affiliate of federal Hollings Manufacturing Extension Partnership through the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Headquartered in Plymouth, the MMTC has five affiliate offices located in Flint, Grand Rapids, Marquette, Saginaw, and Traverse City to serve Michigan manufacturers.
Working for Southeast Michigan

MMTC’s vision is to be the principal source of high performance business and technical assistance for Michigan’s small to mid-sized manufacturers and the partner of choice for the economic development community. MMTC’s impact goes beyond the factory floor to create a ripple effect of positive sustainable impact on business, its workforce, and the community.

Since 1991, MMTC’s full-time consulting staff has provided training and implementation assistance to a wide variety of industry sectors. Their expertise is provided on a fee for service basis and we frequently assist businesses in applying for federal and state funds to supplement fees.

Federal and Regional Partners
MMTC is an integral part of Michigan’s statewide manufacturing strategy and is a partner with the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, as well as with other economic development organizations across Southeast Michigan. MMTC operates as part of the National Institute of Standards and Technology Hollings Manufacturing Extension Partnership that has over 400 locations nationwide, providing access to industry-driven best processes and practices.

They often work directly with community colleges to meet the needs of local manufacturers.
MMTC delivers solutions that bring bottom-line results. We are measured by the success of our clients.

Florida Manufactured Home Financing

Thursday, May 31st, 2012

Need Florida manufactured home financing – Whether you are considering buying a used Florida manufactured home or buying a new manufactured Home, JCF Lending Group will find a Florida manufactured home mortgage that’s right for you.

The type of Florida manufactured home mortgage received depends of several different factors, the year of the Florida manufactured home and current value is a strong factor, as is the credit of the applicant and the monthly Income.

Once the Florida manufactured home mortgage is approved, the amount of the down payment determines the interest rate offered. As an example, a 10 or 20 percent down will offer a better rate than 5 Percent Down. Our terms vary from 7 years to 25 years, depending on the program you choose. The best Florida manufactured home financing rate can be obtained in most cases at a 15 year term .

Need Florida manufactured home refinancing – By adjusting your current Interest Rate and the number of remaining loan payments, many things can be accomplished. Savings can be great and long term savings even better.

Reduced monthly payments and thousands of dollars of savings are a few of the possible benefits of Florida manufactured home refinancing or that low rate Florida manufactured home mortgage.

If the Florida manufactured home is in good condition and there is a sufficient amount of equity in your home, additional options such as an equity cash-out and debt consolidation Florida manufactured home mortgage can be an option. Our Staff will quickly ascertain whether Florida manufactured home refinancing will be beneficial. Our goal is to make sure each and every customer is offered the right Florida manufactured home finance option.