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Abbott Ball Company - Manufactures ball bearings in a variety of sizes.
Supplier of springs, stock springs and washers, die springs, gas springs, and die components.
Boatbuilding and repair. Manufactures a mini-tugboat and rowboats.
BOMAG designs and manufactures custom electro magnetic devices such as transformers.
Carbtrol is a manufacturer of equipment for pollution control and wastewater treatment which was founded in 1983.
Specializing in forged brass nuts, machined parts in aluminum, bronze, copper, and brass.
Builds functional boats combining traditional lines and electric boats with modern propulsion and control systems.
Manufactures relays; dry reed, high voltage, mercury wetted, electro-mechanical, current sensing and solid state.
Assisting Connecticut's manufacturers apply advanced technology and management techniques to become more competitive.
Manufacturer of chemicals and enzymes used for medical and veterinary diagnosis, pharmaceutical.
Produces UV curing aerobic and surface activated solvent-free adhesives and UV/visible curing equipment.
Siver-zinc, lithium, nickel-cadmium, nickel-metal hydride, nickel-zinc, lithium-ion, and aluminum air battery development and manufacturing.
Manufactures presence-sensing machine guarding devices.
Specializing in electroplated, electroless, and anodized coatings.
Also provide some surgical tools/accessories, and foam products.