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Manufacturer of structural epoxy adhesives and coatings for repair and protection of concrete.
Manufacturer of adhesives and specialty chemicals including cyanoacrylate, photopolymer.
Produces organic free range eggs, laid by hens that are fed organic grown grains.
Producer of custom chocolates, truffles and party favors. Los Angeles, California.
Manufacturer of professional grade audio transformers and nductors.
Precision manufacturer of custom mechanical components and tooling for the semiconductor.
Glycerine bar soaps, natural soaps and many kinds of soaps.
Manufacturer of components for the audio, instrumentation, computer, medical, appliance and test industries.
Custom builder of offshore, deck, catamaran, and
pleasure boats.
Manufacture of Titan series precision, adjustable, A.C. output power supplies and frequency converters.
Maker of 10 minute marinades, flavored olive oils, and salad dressings.
Sheet metal fabricators, skylights, roofing materials, windows, and more.
Craig Ocean Systems Inc. are manufacturers of high quality.
Manufacturer and supplier of fabricated components, specializing in industrial metal forming and welding.
Custom boat manufacturer featuring Radon Craft and Rock Harbor boats for all weather fishing, diving, or commercial use.